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The 2000 millennium release of the Byron Nemeth ten song, all instrumental debut solo CD is a musical opus of guitar compositions in a wide pallet of sounds that can only be described as ‘Impressionist Music’, sort of like crossing Steve Vai guitar stylings with a Monet painting. 2000 features a total freeform of musical rock ideas with a strong movie soundtrack influence mixed with experimental song stylings and catchy guitar hooks. Written, performed, produced and programmed by Byron Nemeth. Total running time 48:54.

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2000 Tracklist

1. High Speed Life

2. Mindgroove

3. Sangre del Toro (Bull’s Blood)

4. Amsterdam Dream

5. Summers New Day

6. Machines Of Ice

7. Hungarian Dracula

8. Cyberdance

9. November Wind

10. Sonic Dreams

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