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You Know It’s True Video shoot 09.20.21

Mega thanks to my brothers in music for a fantastic video shoot today! Stay tuned for the release of “You Know It’s True” in the coming weeks. Mark Allee did a SPECTACULAR job with the filming and videography and special thanks to Alan Bechler for helping out, what a fabulous day!!! 🤘 🎼

TX-Watt 07.22.21

During Summer NAMM I stopped into the Tx-Watt party to check out their cool Tube Hybrid Guitar Amp, great portability and sits right on your pedal board! Thanks for the video Paul Hollis🤘. Who can name the song from the Riff I’m playing???

Eclectica Studios 07.19.21

When recording in the Studio sometimes an Artist will be so immersed in the song that having a great Producer with you is vital to what the final outcome of the song will be. In this conversation with Tim Dolbear from Eclectica Studios we discuss how Tim’s recommendation of taking the song BPM from 120 to 126 made the song so much better. Getting the “Groove” of a song (the BPM) is extremely important and it made a huge difference when we tracked “You Know It’s True” at Blackbird Studio, it brought great energy and life to the song. 🤘

Nashville 07.12.21

“You Know It’s True” recorded at Blackbird Studio 07.12.21

Fantastic time recording the new single “You Know It’s True” in Nashville at Blackbird Studio on the Neve 8078 console! Thanks to the amazing musicians involved for their stellar talents that they brought to the song, Luis Espaillat (bass), Zach Ballard (drums) and Steve Braun (vocals).

Special thanks to Producer Tim Dolbear, Engineer Lowell Reynolds and assistant Austin Brown for their expertise in making everything sound great. Also thanks to Mark Allee for capturing video and Angela Dolbear for the awesome pictures. More information on the performance video release coming soon.

Appreciate the manufactures involved in their equipment support:
Blackstar Amplification • Jackson Guitars • Morley Pedals • Line 6

Engines Of Thunder

The official artwork is now revealed
the new single You Know It’s True.

To be featured in Spotify, iTunes and all digital platforms in October.

Created by Timo Wuerz when he first heard the lyrics it made him think of a passage, an initiation
from an old version of one self to a new one and the design was born! Perfect match to the music.

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Engines of Thunder
Video is LIVE on Vimeo!

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